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Settle Our Debt | December 19, 2014

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Top 5 Money Management and Financial Advice for Couples

Top 5 Money Management and Financial Advice for Couples
Azhar Radzuan

Whether you have just moved in together or you are a newlywed couple, being aware of helpful money management methods you and your partner can benefit together, is an important step of securing your future safety and happiness together. Which Important Financial Advice for Couples Should You Be Aware of?

It is very common that couples get into trouble in their financial or
relationship life, simply because of the lack of some sort of strategy or plan to help them manage their finances. That is why this guide is going to help you find out 5 useful financial advice for couples that might come as a life-saver down the road.

1. Be Honest and Open about Discussing Your Financial Score

You and your partner are a team now. It is you and him/her against the world – all the bills, debts, and perhaps some financial dilemma you may experience down the road. Therefore it is important to have trust in each other and reveal your honest financial situation. So both of you can help each other plan the best approach for your future spending.

2. Discuss and Share Your Financial Plan and Your Money Management Strategy

When you and your partner are living together for a long time, each of your financial situation will affect the other person in a major way. So it is important to discuss and come up with a plan for the future – answering basic questions like how you’d like the bills to be paid, which of you is responsible for various costs, and so on.

3. Pay Your Bills on Time to Avoid Extra Charges

The best financial advice for couples is to pay your bills always on time. As you know, delayed payments will cause unnecessary charges you could easily avoid otherwise. Imagine how many more pleasant fun uses that same money could bring for you and your loved one, instead of giving it away on the charges and fines caused by late bill payments.

It is natural that sometimes we forget about a certain bill payment. So it is usually a helpful idea to discuss about an arrangement with your partner and choose which of you will be responsible for organizing the payments and remembering to settle the bills every month.

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4. Seek Professional Financial Advice for Couples When Necessary

There are times when you might be stuck in the middle of a complicated financial situation, and no matter how many times you and your spouse try to figure out a way out, nothing effective or helpful may come to mind.

This is when seeking help from a professional financial adviser might be just what you need. Ask your family and friends for trustworthy, reliable professionals that can help you. Many of them offer special financial advice for couples – specializing in family finance and debt management.

5. Apply for Loans Carefully

An important financial advice for couples, is trying your best to stay out of debt. Because debt is such a heavy burden on your shoulders throughout the years. So the better you can manage your money and avoid getting into too much debt, the happier your family will be down the road.
Following these 5 important money management tips and suggestions, you can hopefully enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free life with your spouse in the future.

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Azhar Radzuan

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